Events & News

Haldi Kumkum and Program on 'Salute to Silent Worker'

In the program of Haldi-Kunku, the cleaning workers who have been cleaning the city for 12 months were felicitated by giving them gifts. These women workers were given an opportunity to play in various competitions.

Yoga Camp 2021

Yoga has a unique significance in human life. Yoga is equally important for good health. Yoga teacher Harshda Rathod Nagpur said that women need to take care of their own health.

Women Cricket Tournament 2021

For the first time in the history of Ballarpur city, women’s cricket matches were organized by Ranaragini Hirkani Foundation. The match was played in 4 groups. Women from various fields participated. Working women, teachers, doctors as well as housewives showed their enthusiasm in the match. The women were also excited to be on the field after so many years, except for their daily Lifestyle. The highway group won the tournament.

Eco Friendly Holi Celebration 2021

The welcome of spring is the Holi festival of colors. The purpose of this festival is to forget about differences and come together . On this occasion, Ranaragini Hirkani Foundation Ballarpur celebrated the Rang Utsav by scattering Gulal and flowers.

Motivational Program Exam Mantra

Exam Mantra Motivational Program was conducted by Ranaragini Hirkani Foundation. During the difficult times in Corona, needed to boost the children’s confidence. Guide Mr. Sumant Tekade gave valuable advice to achieve success by making good use of the time available. Also, Mr. Praveen Vighaneshwar and Surekha Pandey gave guidance on how to solve the paper and how to prepare it.

Tiffin Service to Home Isolated People April, May, June 2021

People who are home isolated during the Corona period face a variety of problems on a daily basis. The big problem was the food. Meals for both the needy were provided by Ranaragini Hirkani Foundation by giving tiffin service.