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About Us

Ranragini Hirkani Foundation directly impacts numerous lives each year through over 50 active welfare projects. These projects encompass education, healthcare, livelihood, natural disease management, and women’s empowerment initiatives in Ballarpur, Chandrapur, Maharashtra. Driven by a commitment to holistic community development, we strive to create sustainable change and foster a brighter future for all

The essence of contentment is found in serving those in need.

Why Choose Us

The real happiness lies in serving others.

At the heart of our mission lies a profound belief: that true happiness is not found in personal gain, but in the selfless act of serving others. We are dedicated to empowering women, eliminating hunger, ensuring universal access to education, and providing essential healthcare to those most vulnerable in our communities. By extending a helping hand, we not only uplift lives but also nurture a sense of fulfillment that transcends individual achievements. Our efforts are guided by the unwavering belief that by serving others, we contribute to a world where compassion and equality reign supreme.

Our Goal
Our primary goal is to empower women, eradicate hunger, provide education to all, and offer healthcare to those in need.
Empower women
Empowering women to realize their full potential and achieve equality in all aspects of life.
Eradicate hunger
Combating hunger by ensuring access to nutritious food for all, thus promoting health and well-being.
Education to all
Promoting inclusive education for every individual, regardless of background or circumstance.
Healthcare to all
Ensuring equitable access to essential healthcare services for vulnerable populations.

Our Achievements

We presently oversee a portfolio of 50+ dynamic programs.

Currently, our organization is at the forefront of implementing over 50 active programs, each designed with a singular purpose: to uplift, support, and empower. Through these initiatives, we endeavor to break down barriers and foster positive change in communities near and far. Our commitment to empowering women extends beyond rhetoric, driving tangible actions that promote gender equality and provide avenues for personal and professional growth. Concurrently, our efforts to eradicate hunger are steadfast, ensuring that no individual goes to bed hungry. We recognize education as a fundamental right, and our programs strive to make it accessible to all, irrespective of socio-economic backgrounds. Moreover, our dedication to healthcare transcends boundaries, as we work tirelessly to provide essential medical services to those in need. With over 50 programs actively in motion, we stand poised to make a lasting impact and create a world where every individual has the opportunity to thrive.

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